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Getting Started

iKydz is extremely easy to setup, register and use.
If you feel slightly worried about setting up your iKydz account then worry no longer.
Simply click here to learn how to setup and register on any of our products.
For further assistance, you can use our remote installation and guidance service.
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How to see your child's devices on your iKydz Account
Once you have completed the registration process, then simply connect your children's internet enabled devices to the iKydz network using the default password. They will then be listed on your iKydz account. Click here for more information
If you want to know how to see your child's devices on iKydz Mobile Service, click here 
Where can I block adult content, social media and online games?

On your iKydz account, simply go to Filters > Add Filter List.
Here you will find a range of social media apps, online games and adult content to block or limit access. To find out in detail how to block adult content, create a filter list and apply to a device, click here 

What to do when there is no internet access
It is important to note that iKydz is simply just a control device. It is fully dependant on the main router's internet access. If your router disconnects, so too will iKydz. It is therefore, not possible for iKydz to stop your main internet access.
  • Check cables are connected securely and correctly on iKydz unit & router
  • Check LED Lights on iKydz unit
  • Test all LAN Ports on router using ethernet cable, your laptop and browse live feed websites
  • Login to your router and check the log tables for performance issues
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How to fix your internet speeds
  • Your network environment can be a busy place when it comes to wireless broadband.
  • There maybe many networks within your location using the same channels which can cause interference and slow down your internet speeds.
  • Use an online Wi-Fi scanner to scan your network environment and see what channels are busy and what channels have less interference
  • Change the channels on your main router and/or iKydz to a less busy channel
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